First edit complete

This weekend I have managed to complete the first edit of Project Management: The Sketches  Woo hoo, go me. Oh, hang on, I need to calm down a bit, still a lot to do.
So why has it taken so long? I remember when I first started I thought 2 or 3 months and that was well over 18 months ago.
But hey, no need to beat myself up. I will be pushing copies out to beta readers soon and continue to work on the formatting and covers.
If you fancy being a beta reader, get in touch.

The Sketches : First draft completed! Hurrah!

That's a big step forward ticking off that milestone.  Had to make a couple of decisions to bite the bullet and remove some items and keep them for a later date, killing my darlings.  Stopped myself including some last minute bright ideas too, though one or two got through.

Now there is just the little task of editing, formatting for the ebook, formatting for the printed edition, cover design for the ebook, cover design for printed, deciding on the pricing, advertising, proofing the copies, wider distribution strategy.............Not much then.

In other news I pushed out a survey request about what project management tools are overrated and underrated.  Take a look here an give me your thoughts.

All the best,


The Sunday Lunch PM

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Blame Management, key to a successful PM career

The podcasts below is essential listening for all project managers who want a long and successful career.

Having a longterm blame management toolset is not taught in a lot of places but is something we all need to put in place.

Please take a listen, you will not regret it.
Special: Episode 4 - Project Blame Management — The Sunday Lunch PM (@SundayLunchPM) April 1, 2018Blame Management, essential PM skill. Anyone Fired Lately by Scott Adams via @Dilbert_Daily — The Sunday Lunch PM (@SundayLunchPM) April 1, 2018

Well it's been a while

I just checked and realised that I have not written on the blog for the whole of Feb.  Apologies for that, I imagine the anticipation of the next words to be uttered by me has been almost unbearable for you all.

"So what the heck have you been doing Creaser?" I hear you cry.  

You will be surprised to hear I have not been distracted by sorting through and indexing all the valentine cards I received. Or digging myself out of snow drifts.  I have actually been prioritising, wait for it! Wait for it! Yes, WRITING!. I have made some good progress into Project Management: The Sketches,  most of the raw content is now complete and I am now editing and revising. I have also been poking at the cover design, will be putting some mockups to get your opinion on what looks best to you.

In other news, at the end of January, I reverted When I Were a Project Manager back to 99p rather than free and in the background been working on the paperback version which is allowing me to learn the Amazo…

Under Promise and Over Deliver vs Over Promise and Under Deliver

Which one is best? As Harry Hill would say "There is only one way to find out......Fight!" 

Under Promise and Over Deliver

My initial reaction when I write this is the first, it feels like expectation management 101, by setting a position to stakeholders that you will complete a project on day X knowing that you have some time in the bag or at budget Y with again some financial room to maneuver you are able to delight the sponsor. Right?

On the face of it, it seems that this is logical, but there is a little niggle in the back of my mind saying caution.  Whilst done with the right intentions in mind could this backfire?  

What if the organisation has limited funds to complete projects?  Your additional budget wriggle room you have created that you think you won't need means that another critical project is not initiated, or worse cancelled partway through with already sunk costs.  Or your safe date means that another project dependent on your output misses its opportunity to…

Happy Burns night


GOAL is a four letter word, forget it, think what are your priorities?

A bit extreme I know but let me explain.
This month many of us are busy trying to get a good head start on our resolutions or goals set at the beginning of the month.  Maybe you are using this month to set those goals, be they at work or at home.  Or the HR department is looking an annual objective.  
My challenge to all this is what is the point in setting goals if you do not know your priorities.  I will take a home example, say I decided to set my self a goal of training for and completing an Ironman race.  Great stretching "SMART" goal and I expect this or something similar is being set all around the world.  BUT if you then take a step back and consider what are your priorities for the year it may be that spending time with your family is the highest priority for the year.  If that's the case, training for an Ironman is likely to take you away from your family more than the previous so as a goal on it's own it does not seem to make sense.  it may be that to balanc…