The Robots are Coming : Life Automation Project : Part 1

Over the past 12 months or so I have been conducting various experiments with automation in work and at home and thought I would share with you how they have been going and some of the errors I have made.
Automation and artificial intelligence are not new things, think about the simple video recorder or the robots in factories, CNC machines, whilst they only go so  far they are part of the story, and it even goes back further than that,  as can be seen in this documentary from many years ago.

So my experience of automating my life includes the following tools

IFTTT service (if this then that)Microsoft Outlook & appAmazon EchoMy mobile phonesTrello and its appPhase 1 - Email Automation in the Office My first goal was to try to manage the email traffic that I had in my inbox and help me prioritise which ones to look at, this is difficult to do unless you open the email and then decide, which burns up valuable time.  When looking at an email you judge priority based on w…

Project Management : The Sketches - Sign up for free book


I am planning to have my next book, Project Management : The Sketches ready before the end of the year, I was originally planning June but life got in the way, or I let it get in the way.

If you sign up to my mailing list from the link below you will have an early draft content and an exclusive pre-release copy for free, all I ask is some feedback.


The Sunday Lunch PM

When I Were a Project Manager - Biggest sales day yet

When I Were a Project Manager still FREE So yesterday was my biggest sales day since When I Were a Project Manager became free on all platforms

Many thanks to all of you who have downloaded it and I hope you have enjoyed the book. If you did or did not enjoy it let me know, I would love to hear from you.

I you have not yet grabbed your copy, I know you are just plucking up the courage, or lost the link or were washing your hair.  Hey that's OK here is the link again :-).

Speak soon


When I Were a Project Manager now FREE!

When I Were a Project Manager now FREE!

It gives me great pressure to announce that When I Were a Project Manager is now available for free on the following platforms.
Grab your copy and tell your friends.