Under Promise and Over Deliver vs Over Promise and Under Deliver

Which one is best? As Harry Hill would say "There is only one way to find out......Fight!" 

Under Promise and Over Deliver

My initial reaction when I write this is the first, it feels like expectation management 101, by setting a position to stakeholders that you will complete a project on day X knowing that you have some time in the bag or at budget Y with again some financial room to maneuver you are able to delight the sponsor. Right?

On the face of it, it seems that this is logical, but there is a little niggle in the back of my mind saying caution.  Whilst done with the right intentions in mind could this backfire?  

What if the organisation has limited funds to complete projects?  Your additional budget wriggle room you have created that you think you won't need means that another critical project is not initiated, or worse cancelled partway through with already sunk costs.  Or your safe date means that another project dependent on your output misses its opportunity to…

Happy Burns night


GOAL is a four letter word, forget it, think what are your priorities?

A bit extreme I know but let me explain.
This month many of us are busy trying to get a good head start on our resolutions or goals set at the beginning of the month.  Maybe you are using this month to set those goals, be they at work or at home.  Or the HR department is looking an annual objective.  
My challenge to all this is what is the point in setting goals if you do not know your priorities.  I will take a home example, say I decided to set my self a goal of training for and completing an Ironman race.  Great stretching "SMART" goal and I expect this or something similar is being set all around the world.  BUT if you then take a step back and consider what are your priorities for the year it may be that spending time with your family is the highest priority for the year.  If that's the case, training for an Ironman is likely to take you away from your family more than the previous so as a goal on it's own it does not seem to make sense.  it may be that to balanc…

Happy New Year

Partway through the year I set my self the goal of delivering my next book by the end of 2017, the really observant of you will have spotted that I did not meet this goal.  This was a result of a number of things (excuses), including being diverted by new technology including podcasting with and creating Alexa Skills, but also not being entirely happy with what I have produced for the book so far.

As with all projects when a milestone is missed we have to replan and I now have reset this goal to be by the end of June with a stretch target of the end of March.  I can only apologise to those of you who have cleared their diary to make sure you had time to read the new book.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year. 

May all your milestones be on time, May all your RAG statuses be green and May none of your risks become issues.
All the best

Nigel Creaser
The Sunday Lunch PM

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12 days of christmas

Merry Christmas and all that,

During a conversation with a colleague about my Project Management: The Sketches book (available on Amazon) he mentioned that he had a 12 days of Christmas song that had been pulled together for a previous project, it got me think I will include that in The Sketches. Just before I did I thought I would check that no one else had done, a quick google and low and behold a raft of  project management versions of the 12 days of Christmas, each made me chuckle so I thought I would share them with you,

From Elizabeth Harrin at the Girls Guide to PM:

An Agile take form Terry Bunio on the PM Hut:

From  Andrew Budkiewiczat The Project managers Guide to the Universe:

Finally, my favourite ever version of the 12 days of Christmas from the incredibly funny Jasper Carrot (warning some rude words)

The Sunday Lunch Project is now Amazon Alexa enabled

Today sees the launch of two Sunday Lunch Project resources

Firstly the Sunday Lunch Project Status Update Alexa skill, which gives you my latest thoughts in your flash briefing in audio or text format.

Secondly the Sunday Lunch Project Scrum Guide Facts Alexa skill lets you ask Alexa for a random fact from the Scrum Guide, ideal for those revising for their Scrum Master certification.

If you try them out let me know what you think and if you have any comments, concerns, suggested improvements or compliments (lots of this please :-))

That's all from the Sunday Lunch Project.

All the best


Nigel Creaser
The Sunday Lunch PM
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As the Black Friday weekend draws to a close I realise I should have done this last week. 

I have no black Friday deal to offer, just the same one as before When I Were Project Manager is still free and when I finally finish the Sketches you can sign up for early access.

So why bother posting all?  As part of a desire create some additional funds for the little venture I signed up to the Amazon affiliate program, but have not maximised the potential, basically I refer people to Amazon and if they buy I get a little bit of cash.

I have placed a handy search page on this site now that can be easily accessed from the menu button above.

I would be very grateful if you used it for any of the final Black Friday buys you may make today or any leading up to Christmas. You may be wand to save it as you go to Amazon search page and provided continued support.

As I said perhaps I should have done this on Thursday, but my time machine is not functioning well.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my Americ…